The Glazier

Trail Blazing
Investment Innovation
Developing new touch points for investment and financial services technology innovation through classic and timeless economic parables.
Global Development
Meets Digital Mobility
Experience the real time support of a new development fund and investment advisor threaded together by data and software.
Interactive Hedging
from Your Fingertips
Let your investments be as mobile as you are and watch small aggregates of return scale to financial sustainability and reinvestment opportunities.
Trading Excellence
via Quality Systems
Taking on a less is more approach to securities trading: meet the technology that cuts down complex, cross-border trading to a fraction of the time.
Innovation via
Driven by a moral imperative to support innovation, we’ve taken on a technical approach to investing in the companies and individuals building the future.
Philanthropic Ventures
Closing the gap between shareholder interest and corporate responsibility thru the design of impact investing and closed-ended securities systems for social enterprises.

The Glazier

We solve problems.

Big problems. Global problems. Complex problems. We solve problems that relate to innovation stagnation and access to commodities. Through our problem- solving, we implement creative solutions that affect markets across architecture, business, economics, education, food, healthcare, science, technology, and much more. Every solution is personalized and tailored to the Client, project, or business we serve. We dig deep into the data and turn those problems into statistical insights for better results and outcomes.

We build things.

Data-driven things. Futuristic things. Patterned-based things. Challenging things. Intuitive things. We build things that do not exist yet. We aim to close the gap amongst economics, design, technology, and the world of investments. We work in a small iterative team that consists of passionate builders, tinkerers, and skilled product people — traders, financiers, engineers, scientists, quants, designers, mathematicians, investors, and economists.

We invest in entrepreneurship.

We believe that there is an ethical and moral imperative in investing in the future; we believe the future is contingent on entrepreneurship and the boom and busts of creative destruction. That’s why we invest in entrepreneurs, businesses, and startups. By doing so, we affect everything from higher education systems to international charities to foundations and projects looking to make a global impact.

What we do


We are a technology company to its core. From data models to software, the development of Glazier is grounded by the belief in bringing technology, data, and finance to a common place. We build technology across all firms and divisions and put that technology in the hands of our teams, Clients, and partners to empower them with advanced tools and insights.


We invest, lend, underwrite, and syndicate investments for and with our Partners and Clients. We use both internal and external investments to guide our technology development with real world cases, scenarios, and businesses around the world. We are driven by the belief that iterative processes between technology and investments is a necessary principle to be a leader in a constantly changing market landscape.


We empower our teams, Clients, and partners with tools, insights, and expertise for execution strategy across trades and investments. Every decision is backed by data, substantiated with research, and guided with experience from tenured veterans in technology and finance. We dig deep into the business problems faced by our Clients and partition deep insights into a holistic solution for better development, greater returns, and intrinsic growth.

The Glazier




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